Båtmanstorpet in Bromma, Stockholm is a playground designed for visually impaired children. The focus of the project has been to create noticeable surfaces by using strong contrasts, different materials and a vision of the “game in itself” that stimulates several senses. White-coloured concrete has been used widely in the design: as a wall onto the street, for seating facilities around sport surfaces, as the edge of a pond and as boundaries to distinguish different parts of the playground.

Båtmanstorpet was represented at the Barcelona Biennale 2006 and was nominated for the Swedish-architectural review Arkitektur’s debut prize in 2005.

Architect: Anders Kling and Alf Orvesten. The project was executed during employment for Grontmij AB. Client: City of Stockholm, Christina Söderström-Lööf. Project: Program and planning. Built: 2004.

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