Stortorget is one of the largest squares in Sweden and dates from the 16th century. Today it is an urban space that has lost its old significance.

The new square contains three parts: A frame, a passé partout and a painting. “The frame” consists of the facades of the buildings surrounding the square. “The passé partout” is a 30-meter wide stoned framing that spans around the entire square, providing a place for unloading, commerce and open-air cafés. “The picture” is created by a number of elements and raised surfaces that have been introduced to provide places for planting trees, installing underground equipment etc, whilst complying with the limitations to excavation depth, due to the archaeological content under the town square. These elements also serve an aesthetic purpose giving a sense of movement and a point of interest to the square.

The proposal can be summarized as: ”A representative frame with a clear passé partout which highlights the picture with its intricate content”.

Architect: LAND: Anders Kling, Sofia Nylén, Alf Orvesten. Urban Design: Helena Glantz, Erik Jarlöv. Marjamaa Architects: Lena Marjamaa. Node Lighting: Peter Nilsson. Cient: City of Malmö.
Project: 1st prize in invited competition, program and construction-drawing 2009-10.

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