The landscape of Torsby havsvik on Värmdö, consists of a valley formation with large open meadows between forested ridges next to an ocean bay. Here, LAND together with Sandellsandberg has developed a proposal for dwellings and landscape with a strong focus on sustainability. The new buildings are located with support from directions in the surrounding landscape together with respect for the existing qualities of the nature.

A walkway along the shore leads the way from the place of bathing around the cape and connects to the existing nature trail. In passageways over wetlands and through reeds, the walkway is built as a wooden footbridge. In parts where the shore consists of cliffs, the walkway follow their natural shape. A shared greenhouse, sauna and gym facilities are provided in the residential area. Next to the greenhouse, an orchard with cut grass is created to give opportunities for a place for spontaneous meeting in the green outdoors – a place for activity, party and play in a park environment. A field with allotments is created on the meadow to give the residents a chance to grow crops.

Every dwelling unit has its own private patio opened up towards a meadow or the connecting natural areas. The semi-private shared entrance zone next to every building has a gravel surface, reinforcing the rural character of the area. The entrances to each dwelling unit is marked with a big generous stone slab and in certain locations, a small tree is planted directly into the gravel. This creates variation, intimacy and private zones next to the entrances.

Architect: LAND through Alf Orvesten and Therese Lemos in collaboration with Sandellsandberg. Client: Graystone. Project: Groundwork for consultation 2012.

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